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अवधूत गुप्ते

अवधूत गुप्ते अभिमानाने म्हणत असतो मी शिवसैनिक आहे म्हणून. मग शिवसेनेने त्याच्या सिनेमाला संरक्षण का नाही दिले? सेनेने गुप्तेला म्हणायला हवे होते की तू तुझा सिनेमा आहे तसाच प्रदर्शित कर. आम्ही तुझ्या पाठीशी उभे राहू. मग कोण नारायण राणे आहे ते पाहून घेऊ. पण इथे सेनाच राणेंना घाबरते त्याचे काय?
I want your opinion on this story. The story tells you about the tactics used by a 'powerful' Congress leader Kripashankar Singh to get a flat from Mhada for his 'poor' daughter and son-in-law.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Daughter's papers show Kripashankar became Paa at the age of three
A birth date proof submitted by Mumbai Congress president Kripashankar Singh's daughter Sunita and son-in-law Vijaykumar along with an application for a flat from Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (Mhada) in 2000 may return to haunt the leader. According to the ration card copies submitted by Vijaykumar in 2000, Sunita was born in 1953 – three years after her father Kripashankar was born in 1950. However, another ration card copy submitted by Sunita in 2008 for the purpose of investment in commodity states that she was born in 1972.The difference came into light after Cha…